IPBS / Digital Client onboarding

Digital Client Onboarding

Complying with regulatory authorities while ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for your clients is crucial in today’s business landscape. That’s why we’ve developed IPBS Digital Client Onboarding, an innovative adjunct to our proven IPBS Business Manager application. This enables you to manage the critical KYC/AML compliance mandate, with a reputational Risk Rating scheme, based on client and relationship data.

All mandated documents can be uploaded from the Digital Onboarding application and automatically attached to the client or relationship profile in IPBS Business Manager.

IPBS Business Manager can also be integrated with an onsite copy of leading sanctions watch list databases such as World-Check / World Compliance for specific validation of client and relationships data, as well as scrubbing beneficiary/benefactor names on inbound and outbound Payments.  IPBS Business Manager is also the key tool for identifying FATCA reporting candidates and also the data for production of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS).

Say goodbye to the challenges and costs associated with manual transcription and document scanning. IPBS Digital Client Onboarding automates the data collection and document submission process, saving you valuable time and resources. With our seamless and efficient solution, you can streamline the entire onboarding process.

Here’s how IPBS Digital Client Onboarding works:

1.     User-Friendly and Versatile: Our user-friendly app runs on iOS, Android, Mac, iPad, and Windows devices, ensuring compatibility and accessibility for all users.

2.     Effortless Data Collection and Document Submission: Prospective Clients or Relationships can effortlessly enter all the required data mandated by regulatory authorities. They can upload all necessary documents and securely send them to a database hosted by your institution.

3.     Informed Decision-Making: Your compliance team can easily review the information, seek clarification if needed, request additional data, and make informed decisions regarding the suitability of an applicant as a client or a related party of an existing client.

Integration with IPBS Business Manager

IPBS Digital Client Onboarding seamlessly integrates with IPBS Business Manager, our proven KYC/AML Compliance tool. This integration allows you to leverage the four data templates available within IPBS Business Manager to establish entity accounts for individuals, trusts, corporations, and intermediaries. For non IPBS businesses, the IPBS Business Manager including the Digital Client Onboarding tool can be licensed on a Client Volume Basis.

Onboard Related Parties with Ease

Our powerful tool facilitates the onboarding of related parties for both new and existing entities. Mandated documents such as account mandates, specimen signatures, passport pages, references, and proofs of residence can be easily uploaded. Whether you’re onboarding directors, shareholders, spouses, beneficial owners, or beneficiaries, our app simplifies the process.

Hassle-Free Document Submission

IPBS Digital Client Onboarding offers an intuitive interface with eight panels covering essential questions and details. The document upload feature allows for hassle-free submission of pre-assigned document types such as passports, utility bills, financial references, and character references. Your clients can complete the application process at their own pace, and our solution accommodates their timeline.

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Developed For

  • Asset & Fund Managers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Commercial Banks
  • Other Banks with tedious compliance procedures
  • Trust Companies
  • Real Estate Firms