IPBS / SWIFT Payments

Streamlining the Payments Process

IPBS/SWIFT interface is currently limited to the SWIFT MT103 Single Payment Transfer. Both Transfers, In and Out, can automatically and seamlessly feed into the Payment and Transfer component of the Banking module for approval and release into the back office accounting. IPBS/e-Banking also provides an interface for a client to request a transfer from a cash account to a third party and may enter the full SWIFT data set including beneficiary, beneficiary bank, intermediary bank and all other valid data fields and this transaction, upon submission is automatically input into the SWIFT out Queue as well as the IPBS Payment and Transfers module for approval and release.


System Deliverables Advantages
Seamless Interface with BackOffice
Seamless integration with existing infrastructure
SWIFT field outbound validation
Straight through process eliminates errors
SWIFT Bene Account inbound validation
Real-time International payments
Direct Interface with IPBS Digital Client Portal
Eliminates Redundancy and duplication of effort