IPBS / Security

Cyber Security Options

Cyber and digital risks are a growing financial and reputational threat to your business.  In order to help our clients to be protected more effectively, we partner with digital cyber security specialists.

We offer IPBS customers a strong, bespoke cyber defence framework built on one or more of the following solutions:

  • Cyber defence system that covers Penetration Testing of your organisation’s infrastructure, Vulnerability Evaluations, Incident Response Services, Cyber & Digital Forensics, DDOS Security, Web Application Firewall, Cross – Alien Engineering.
  • Security & Defence Arsenal  – a strong defence mechanism often starts with securing access such as Multi-Factor Authentication. Other aspects include Managed IT Systems, Secure Digital Access & Management, Centralised Network Warfare Platform, IP VPN Systems, Internal Personnel Cyber Training.
  • Secure Communications are vital.  Encrypt and protect mobile, offshore and email communications, Protected Intranet Services and e-documents.
  • Cyber Intelligence to mitigate and withstand the threats and risks, using Critical Intelligence Service, Traffic & Advisory Protection Platforms, Autonomous Predictive Attack System.
  • Governance, Risk, Analysis & Compliance with all international and local regulatory and standards.

For more information on our security solutions get in touch:

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