IPBS / Trusts

Trust Administration and Client Accounting

The IPBS/Trusts system delivers a simplistic way to control financial record keeping of a single entity or the entire record keeping function for all components in the trust structure. Working in concert with the IPBS/Business Manager this powerful tool enables financial institutions to provide detailed transaction replication from a 3rd party system or from internal operations.


System Deliverables Advantages
Integrated Ledger Accounting System
Full range of investment assets, or liabilities
Sophisticated report level schedule analysis of investments
Consolidated record keeping
Creation of flexible user maintained report templates
Easy maintenance of amortizations and depreciations
Programmed to handle third-party information
Transparency at entity level
Foreign exchange management
Enterprise-wide efficiency
Fee and disbursement accounting and invoicing

Developed For

  • Asset & Fund Managers
  • Private Banking Administration Personnel
  • Hedge Fund Managers
  • Mutual Fund Administrators
  • Prime Brokers
  • Trust Managers
  • Wealth Management Professionals